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Water Cooled Compressed Air Coolers

Water Cooled Compressed Air Coolers

Product Description: Water Cooled Compressed Air Coolers

Also know as: Inter-After Coolers for Air Compressors

Applications: Water Cooled Compressed Air Coolers for Air Separation Plants

Salient Features: Shell and Fin Tube Type with Compressed Air on fin side for pressures up to 70 bar and inside the tubes for higher pressures

Service: Cooling of Dry/Wet Air and Nitrogen

Construction: Rectangular Tube Bundles with Fin Tubes enclosed in a cylindrical shell having inlet and outlet nozzles for compressed air in and out. Cooling water is on the tube side and compressed cooler on the shell/fin side for operating pressures upto 70 bar(g). For pressures beyond this value compressed air in considered inside of the tubes to reduce higher shell thickness.

Track Record,Flow: Upto 1,23,000 kg/hr

Track Record,Pressure: Upto 62 bar(g)

Track Record, No of units: 31 Nos.

Key Clients and head quarters: Siemens Germany, Atlas Copco Germany, Praxair USA, Air Liquide France