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Air Cooled Natural Gas Cooler For Compressor

Air Cooled Natural Gas Cooler For Compressor

Product Description: Air Cooled Natural Gas Cooler For Compressor

Also know as: Inter-After Coolers or Process Gas

Applications: Off-shore and On-shore Gas Stations and Natural Gas Pipelines.

Salient Features:Multiple service composite coolers served by a common bay having engine driven or motor driven fans.

Service: Multi-stage Natural Gas, Engine Cooling Water & Auxiliary Water/Oil Coolers each fluid circulating in different tube bundles

Construction:Rectangular Fin Tube Bundles with Plug Type or Cover Plate type headers all having same tube length and mounted on a common structure having an in-built fan drive system with enough space beneath for free suction of atmosphere air. Motor driven units have multiple fans as per API-661 arrangement. Engine driven units have single or multiple fans mounted on a single shaft which is coupled to the engine shaft through speed reducing belt drive transmission system.

Track Record,Flow: 1080 x 10⁴ Kcal/hr

Track record,Pressure: 350 bar(g)

Key Clients and head quarters: Dressar rand, Bharat Pumps & Compressor ltd., KPCL